Hello, We Meet Again

Hi, long time no post and I guess I really miss blogspot.

So many things have happened since my last post. So here's some news of my life:

1. I decided to deactivate my facebook again. This time, it's possibly forever.

2. I still continue writing my novel, but I decided to stop promoting it. I find it useless. It's better to keep my novel as a semi-private consumption (for me and my friends only). I stopped wanting to publish my novel, in short. Call me pessimist, whatever.

3. I've been accepted in Australian National University. Well, that's a good news. And that means I don't have to find a boarding house to runaway from home because soon, I will literally leave this country. The course will start in February 2011. Wish me luck.

4. There has been some bad experiences in my office, but it's over now. I'm planning to resign in late December. I'm glad that I have learned so much from my office. I lately understand many things on economics, despite the fact that I graduated from English Department.

5. Oh yea, one last thing: I have decided not to come back to Universitas Indonesia. I've just had enough. I don't want to torture myself anymore. Of course, I am sad that I disappoint my favourite lecturer who expected too much from me. But even if I want to be a lecturer/teacher/academician, I don't want to continue my career in UI. I will find somewhere more proper, I believe so.

So, how are you readers? I'd love to hear from you.

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