On Being a Muslim

Okay, this is my 3rd entry today. Hope you won't get bored.

One of the reasons why I would like to do anything just to go back to the 90's is because I used to feel free and comfortable as a Muslim (during the 90's). I don't feel that kind of freedom anymore today. Especially after the September 11, 2001 tragedy. The impact of this tragedy is actually the bigger tragedy of humanity. Because after September 11, 2001, Muslims and non-muslims no longer see each other in "human" way. The tragedy has really opened my eyes on how humans can be so easily judgmental to each other. I used to be one of them, who really despised people who hated Islam due to the tragedy. I thought those people were pieces of craps. But then I realized that hating those Islam haters didn't make me any more open-minded than them. Once we become over judgmental (well, judgment is fine, over judgment is not) towards people, we will loose our sense to understand them as human beings.

So, due to all of these over judgments, Islam will no longer be seen as what Islam really is. As I've been a friend of some people who despise terrorism in Faculty of Humanities, and I've learned what they think about Islam, I started to realize that there are a lot of differences between their views on Islam and my views on Islam.

Okay, let's move back a little bit to the past. How can it lead to this?

As I lived in Indonesia (a country where the majority of people here are Muslims) and was educated in Islamic elementary school, I really felt accepted to be a Muslim without bothering other people's right of being non-muslims. I knew exactly what Barrack Obama meant by "In Indonesia, Muslims and non-Muslims could get along each other."

I have parents who have always taught me to love Islam completely but have never taught me to hate other people who don't believe in Islam. I have always been taught "Lakum diinukum waliyadiin." Or in other words, "For you what you believe, for me what I believe."

In that point of view, I really felt that Islam is truly "Rahmatalil aalamin" (blessing for the universe). And the idea that Islam would later be judged as a religion of terrorism had never crossed into my mind. There's no way I could tell that Islam teaches us terrorism. All I know is Islam teaches us to believe in one God, Allah swt. and follow whatever Rasulullah saw., the messenger has told us to do. And "terrorism" is never on the list of what Rasulullah saw. asked us to do.

Rasulullah saw. did go to some wars. But if you learned about the wars carefully, you'll know that Rasulullah saw. took some time and patience to tolerate what Quraisy and other Kafir people did. Rasulullah saw. didn't instantly declare the war. At first, he introduced those Kafir people with Islam. They didn't accept Islam. Later, they tortured Muslims and banned the Muslims from Mekkah. Rasulullah saw. and other Muslims went to Madinah. But after all the tolerances that they offered, the Kafir people still despised Rasulullah saw. and other Muslims. They have always tried to kill them. So, is it wrong if finally they decided to fight for what they believed in? I guess it's normal and rational. Even in the war, Rasulullah saw. didn't want women and children to get involved (except Syafiah because she's the one who wanted to go to the war). He didn't allow us to kill enemies in the war if they already surrendered.

Another obvious example is the death penalty in Islam. In Islam, when you kill someone, you will be beheaded. That's the famous part. But often non-muslims will never know about this part: "Unless it's for defending yourself and unless the family of the one you murder forgives you."

So that's what Islam is about. We, Muslims, are taught to "fight" for what we believe in. But not only that, we are also taught patience, tolerance, and mercy.

So it's not just simply a strict packet of rules that is lack of tolerance. The implementation of Islamic syariah varied according the cases and the context. But the hatred and the fear of Islam have already restricted non-muslim people to find out more about Islam. That makes the over-judgments grow bigger. That makes us, as Muslims, also hate non-muslims more because we think they have overjudged us. If none of us tried to step aside and look at the problems from the different point of view, the circle of overjudgment and hatred would always continue.

So, I'm writing this, not only as a Muslim but aslo a friend of some non-muslims. I don't want to "overfight" anymore." Because "fighting" is not the only thing taught in Islam. There should be some time for us to take a rest and listen to other people. Or at least, try to let them speak (even when you don't really want to hear them speak).

Maybe Muslims in the world should learn from Bosnian people. Do you remember in the 90's, when some other Muslims in the world, including the ones in Indonesia, lived peacefully? In the 90's Bosnians were not as happy as other Muslims. They suffered from the genocide planned by the leaders of Yugoslavia at that time. There was an intended "ethnic cleansing" that cause many victims, including many people who got killed, many little girls who got raped, and many others lost their homes and families.

What did the Bosnians do then? They fought for their freedom, with some help from here and there. And finally Slobodan Milosevic and his partners in crime got punishments they deserved. But after that, did they try to "overfight" the Serbians? Did they try to destroy "Serbia" as a country? Did they try to make another "genocide" to get innocent people involved in their vengeance? No, they didn't. That's what I love from Bosnian people. When they know that it hurts, they don't want other people to suffer the same way. And I guess that what makes me proud of Bosnian Muslims. They really know exactly Muslims must "fight," but not "overfight" that we will hurt others.

So, I'm hoping that I could see Islam in such a way. It's hard to be a person in that level (fighting but not overfighting). I have to admit I'm still in process of learning how to be in that level. I have to admit sometimes I still suffer from irrational hatred towards others, especially towards those who hate Islam.

So what I'm going to do now is just praying and keep on trying to be a Muslim in that level.
And it's obvious that I will always be proud of being a Muslim. I MUST always be proud of being a Muslim. No matter what people say.

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It's Surprising to See How Creative I was, Compared to These Days: The Collection of My Older Poems

Don't Tell Anyone
By: Rima M

I used to hate mirror,
Looking at my own reflection is a horror.

I used to hate the floor,
Stepping my path on earth is like a terror.

I used to hate the sun,
Seeing the light exposing my ugliness in the spotlight is absolutely no fun.

I used to hate powder,
Trying to be beautiful makes me loose my power.

I used to hate the colour pink,
I thought light romantic colours would cause me a trouble to think.

I used to hate friends,
Sometimes I fear that it ends.

I used to hate love,
I'm afraid that it's not really a gift that is sent from way above.

I used to hate you,
I thought that probably you would hate me too.

Is Love Nature or Nurture?
By Rima Muryantina

Is love nature or nurture?
A never-ending question it seems, for it is the most abstract feature.

Sometimes I think it's a learned behaviour,
That it demands every lover to work on endeavour.

Sometimes I fear that it's an innate feeling,
That inherits in every human, no allowing a chance for resisting.

Wherever it may lead, love offers me such an uncomfortable link,
For it makes me think of fear, and causes me a fear of thinking.

Inspired by: Jean Atchinson's The Articulate Mammal: An Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Admiring Ms. Different
By: Rima M

Two years a go, I met Ms. Different,
When we were both still indifferent.
We both sailed into the other side of the sea,
Where only a few people could see.

I didn't really know why or how i started sailing,
I just thought that maybe somehow land could be so boring.
Most people in the land could see me, that makes it so terrifying.
So i escaped to some parts of the ocean, which for most people weren't so interesting.

Beneath the tranquil sea, I met Ms. Different,
We were so silent.
Throwing wise words we know from the land,
Which were wiser than the singing of the mermaid band.

But still, we were indifferent towards everything, everything around us.
Including to each other, including to the sailors above us.

Tired of sailing,
Sometimes I went on beach-walking,
And I met her once more,
And she was different even more,
I was different too.
But all i know was that our silence, hidden anguish, and indifference were true,
True and blue.

Then somehow we were taken to the surface of the sea,
Where most people could see us, but hardly could we.
Sometimes I sailed into the deeper part of the sea,
Meeting her there, forgetting intranquility.

And we both then realized, that it's not the matter of the land or the sea,
We both need to go back to reality.

Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Dear, Mr. Chomsky

I would like to inform you,
That the sentence you chose to be
An example of a complete nonsense,
is actually not a nonsense at all.

I could tell myself and you completely,
That there are actually colourless green ideas that sleep furiously.

The ideas visited me a few days a go.
In front of my eyes, they are green,
Though in front of others, they appear colourless.

I could tell you that they truly sleep beside me,
And they do sleep furiously,
The only logical explanation that I can tell thee,
Is that the ideas are the ideas of being me.

Nevertheless, Mr. Chomsky,
I don't expect you to clarify your previous theory,
Your theory has already been accepted by all other people beside me,
And that explains why the only nonsense is me.

From the bottom of my greenity I really hoped that you would like,
to come back to linguistics world and resolve this odd phenomenon.
But my colourless ideas respect your decision,
to move to a world more political-like.

And this doesn't lessen my respect to you,
I am just trying to inform you.

Wish you could be happy with anything you choose
Either colourless or green,
Either furious or sleepin'


Rima Muryantina

I Don't Want to Popularize My Writing
By: Rima Muryantina

Mr. A said...

You're young, but your style is too conservative. You should try to write like a youngster.

Mrs.B said....

When you write, you just can't express everything that you feel. You have to satisfy your reader."

Mr. C said...
You have to get away from conservative themes...Get humorous!

Ms. D said...
You have to put teenage romances on your writing...

Mr. E added...
Or maybe some sex issues will do...

I said, "Piss off... I don't want to popularize my writing"

I Was Born Angry
By: Rima M

I was born angry
not happy
quite contrary
to someone I envy

I'm blind of happiness
and deaf of laughter
lack of kindness
and all that belongs to her

our acquaintanceship is absolutely fine
yet always makes me wonder
because she's all things that shine
and i'm all things darker

Clever Mr. Turner

Clever Mr. Turner
Has really won me over,
For his words make me shiver,
With meanings under cover.

Clever Mr. Turner
Has gone faraway with her,
Yet it doesn’t really matter,
For he has never been enough closer.

Clever Mr. Turner
Has never been near to hover,
Yet his voice heals my fever,
And his melody is my sweater.

Clever Mr. Turner
Only left me memories to remember,
Yet haven’t I known any memory sweeter,
That’s even better than a four-leaf clover.

Me and Mr. Nickleby

“I pray that I shall have this day,
The same day we had today,
All the rest of my life,”
That’s what little Nickleby say
To someone important in his life.

Not so long a go,
That important person has to go,
To face a condition,
Which can’t be stopped by any speculation.

I’ve never met Mr. Nickleby,
But I’m pretty sure he sounds like me.

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You're All Things That Shine and I'm All Things Darker

Again, these are just my thoughts and feelings on my current life. If you think they're crap, you may leave for your own good.

I have always felt that I never fit in almost anywhere. I could only get a long with several people, in my real life. Even in the internet, I couldn't be as outgoing as other people. The bad news is... some people think I'm arrogant, impolite, and ignorant because of that. Some people even consider me as a cold hard bitch, because I don't seem to care about other people.

These opinions have been really affecting me lately. For in working life, people think I don't meet the requirements as an UI graduate. I am not outgoing. I don't talk much. If I talk much, I cannot talk about things that could please others. I don't sound smart. I don't look smart. I'm lack of sociability. I cannot convince other people to at least listen to my arguments. I cannot start cool conversation with other people because I hardly share the same interest with most people I just met. I am not a Ms. Up to Date who knows every entertainment happening news. I like to talk more about history than future. I am a boring person and am easily bored by people. I am not confident in expressing my opinions, and when I finally could raise my confidence, people find that I am far too "loud". I don't know, I just get the sense that no matter what I do, either speaking up my mind or just keeping silent, people will still despise me.

In short, even If I graduated with good GPA and even if my lecturers were happy about my thesis, I still feel that I am not one of those qualified UI graduates.

I guess I will stop pursuing prestigious jobs, then. Being a teacher is already fine by me. I don't want to feel any more useless in other fields due to my lack of sociability. I know my capability. I can only speak fluently in classrooms (well, even in the classroom, I guess people wouldn't want to hear much about my opinions. But I love classroom activities, so I don't really mind being looked down on as long as I could do something I really like).

But I still put my hopes on studying abroad. Even if I would probably feel more terrible to adjust myself with people from other country, I still want to study a lot of things related to language and linguistics.

I want to find out more why there are people like me, who cannot communicate very well with any kinds of language. And I hope by mastering linguistics, I could apply what I've learned in the real life so that I could fix my relationship with my social environment. All my life, I've always had a terrible relationship with the world because I cannot communicate well with the world. It's so weird, when I really love to learn language but I don't love to communicate with it. I guess competence and performance are two really different things*.

Maybe I could put these ideas in my study objectives for Fulbright application. I know these ideas sound stupid, but that's what I feel from the bottom of my heart. That is the reason why I really want to learn language.

*For more explanation: In linguistics, Chomsky distinguishes between "competence" and "performance." To make the story short, competence is any knowledge you have in mind about a language (the pronunciation, the grammar, the vocabularies, the idioms, etc). While performance is the actual realization of how you use the language (your actual writings and speech). Sometimes these two are just too different. A person may know everything about a language, but in fact, they may be weak in the execution.

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Every Ending is Just a New Beginning

"Every story has an end, but for me every ending is just a new beginning."
Lorraine Schleine - Uptown Girls

Happy 16th Birthday to my Dear Dakota Fanning
Wish you all the loveliness on earth.

I've been her huge fan since 2002. That was the first time I watched the video "Across The Universe" covered by Rufus Wainwright and also the first time I browsed www.dakota-fanning.org
And browsing the site made me interested to find out more about her. So I watched I Am Sam and Uptown Girls. And I think this girl is amazing. She's exceptionally beautiful, she's a talented actress, and a genius younger person. And I still love her until now.

It's amazing to see how she has grown up into a beautiful young lady.
So, here's the video of her 16th birthday dinner party. There's also Elle Fanning in the video. I also like Elle. They're both amazing.

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I'm Ready to Communicate with You

"I'm ready to communicate with you now." - Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense)

This is just an unimportant entry, actually....

Today, I supervised the Morphology class alone, by myself. Without the help from the main lecturer.

And I guess it's my first time being called Ms. Rima

Hahaha... sounds weird. But cool. XD

And by the way, today I've communicated a lot with my fellow co-workers. Finally. Day after day, I found the conversations in the office were quite boring. Finally today, we shared the same interesting topic of conversation. And guess what was the amazing topic that helped me communicate with my co-workers?

Mr. Jun.

Yeah, he's amazing. My co-workers said he's "the different type of person" in the office. I'm proud of him because of that. He IS different. He fought for what he believed in.

But I still can't communicate with my boss. I think he hates me now (after me criticizing the recruitment system in my office, I guess it's normal if the Bosses hate me). But hell yeah, as usual...like I care.

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I Swear, I Don't Have Guns

I will move away from here
You won't be afraid of fear
No thought was put into this
I always knew it'd come to this

Things have never been so swell

I have never failed to fail

Nirvana - You Know You're Right

Today is Kurt Cobain's Birthday. If he's still alive, he would be 43 now.

He's my inspiration. I adore him wholeheartedly.

I've been loving his songs since I was a child. But the first time I felt touched by this indescribably beautiful guy was when I saw "You Know You're Right" video in 2002.

I payed attention to the lyrics and the video. I watched his performance on stage and some random flashback moments of him. And when he screamed, "Paaaaiiiinnn!!!" in the song, I felt like I wanted to cry. This guy wasn't just a rock star trying to make sensation. This guy suffered from the cruelty of the world. This guy hates the world. Just like me.

And when I tried to find out more about Nirvana lyrics, I realized that "this guy screamed my heart out."

People might say that he's stupid because he killed himself. I'd say he's just one of the few sensible human beings that understand that the world we see is not the world what most people see. The world we see is the world of disaster. And sometimes it drives you to a madness and an unconscious will to hate and kill yourself.

So, even though he didn't end it nicely, I won't judge him. It's hard to end it nicely. Extremely hard. I know how it feels.... to be hating myself and wanting to die.

Happy Birthday, Kurt. You probably would never know, but for me...you are something "real".

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For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him. - Karl Marx-

I am not a Marxist. (Karl Marx)

Okay, it's been a month (more or less) since I've worked in the so-called famous community that shall not be named (my superego said i had to censor the name) and I finally found one person who at least shared the same opinion as mine.

Well, I'm not saying that other people in my office are not nice. Some people there are nice. Some others aren't. Just like in other human beings community.

And I started to think that it is me who exaggerate everything. So I decided to keep silent. Because in this office, I've learned that not everybody has the same opinion on what it is called as "Freedom of Speech." So, yeah... I decided to respect the majority of people and keep my mouth shut. Though my heart has lately been screaming too much.

But then this boy/man came and told me: "Just say it, you don't need to be ashamed. We're all proletariat here."

Well, then. I just found out that even though I'm surrounded by people who unconsciously are controlled by capitalism, there are still people who use the word "proletariat." Even if they don't fight like Karl Marx or whatsoever, I'm glad enough.

It's been boring there talking with people who don't share the same discourse and schema. So... I'm glad to have someone spelling that "Pro-le-ta-ri-at" from his mouth. It's glad to have someone that understands.

By the way, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to spread rumours or anything. It's merely my thoughts and opinions on my current office. Then again, I have a different kind of ideology compared to most people in the society. But hell yeah, LIKE I CARE.

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I Want My Money Back

picture is designed by the wonderful irene valensi. She's awesome, you don't meet a lot of people like her in this country.

Okay, today I had a kinda bad experience. I was blackmailed. No, I mean, I lost my money for something that is not necessary. My car was hit by another car but the driver of the other car insisted that it's not his fault, so I had to pay him to repair the damage of his car whereas my car had a more serious damage because of the accident. T____T

Okay, whatever. Whatever will be, will be. At least I enjoyed discourse analysis class today. Though Mr. Jun took a really long time teaching us all of his wisdom. But it's worth it, though. So... nevermind.

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Bless Your Little Cotton Socks

Okay, for some reasons, I would like to learn to watch my writing. I would like to learn not to write everything I want to write. I actually want to shout everything here, as this is a private blog. At first, I thought I would make my blogspot private, so that it could only be accessed by certain people. However, I still want to inform some things I’ve learned from the world (so that I can give it back to the world). So I decided to start to switch the language of this blog into English.

Why English? Since I’m afraid that if I use Bahasa Indonesia, I will feel “too” comfortable to express my thoughts and feelings, then I will again and again talk about my personal problems in Bahasa Indonesia (I should learn to maintain my opinions. In my country, people don’t really believe in Freedom of Speech, so… even when I write private things in my private blog, there will be people who are against me sometimes...).

So... yeah! English is less private than Bahasa Indonesia. And it sounds more sophisticated somehow. *Iyaks like I’m sophisticated enough to use English too often. you crappy ugly rimski. XD

Anyway, I also think that writing this blog in English could help me to maintain my accuracy and improve my fluency. Like it or not, I have to. I want to study in the US or UK or New Zealand or Canada or Australia or or or or... (STOP IIIITTT!!!) And besides, I also want to teach English. So I have to get used to using English very much more often.

So for the first ENGLISH entry, I would like to tell you about a new idiom vocabulary given by my beloved lecturer, Mr. Bayu (okay, he’s no longer my lecturer, I’m his assistant now). And actually I already heard this idiom somewhere some time a go, but the way Mr. Bayu explained it to the class made the students understand the meaning of the idiom better (even I could understand the meaning better).

So here is the idiom:

Bless Your Little Cotton Socks

Can you guess the meaning of it?

Okay, if you’re English native speaker, don’t answer. It’s not fun anymore if this question is dedicated to the native speakers. XD

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La Vida No Es Una Pastafrola

Belakangan ini saya sedang senang membaca komik Mafalda dan menonton animasinya di Youtube.

Mafalda adalah seorang anak perempuan asal Argentina yg hidup di tahun 1960-an pada saat dunia sedang mengalami perang dingin (yg sebenarnya gak dingin2 amat).

Mafalda menyukai sup dan The Beatles. Cerita hidup Mafalda dikisahkan secara satir bagaimana si Mafalda ini menjalani kehidupan dalam kondisi dunia yg tidak aman dan tidak menyenangkan. Tapi akhirnya jadi lucu.

Mafalda punya beberapa teman. Susanita yang suka dandan dan ngomongnya cablak, Miguelito yg agak dodol tp sebenarnya pintar, Manolito yg pintar tp kadang2 dodol, sama Felipe yang pengkhayal tp impiannya sering diganggu sm kata2 sinisnya Mafalda. XD

Ini salah satu adegan favorit gue dari animasi Mafalda. Waktu Mafalda dan Miguelito membahas tentang alasan mengapa org2 di dunia berperang mungkin karena pada saat separuh org di dunia tidur, separuh dunia lainnya bangun. :D

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a rush of feminism to the head.

Tadi saya baru saja menonton sinetron Safa & Marwah di RCTI (menemani mama, seperti biasa).

Lalu tiba-tiba saja ada sebuah line yang membuat kuping ini merasakan tanda-tanda ingin digaruk.

Berikut ini cuplikan line yg dituturkan tokoh Ilham pada tokoh Ello :

Ilham: Gue udah serahin Safa ke elo. Lo harus jaga dia. Jangan sekali-kali bikin dia nangis. Kalo lo bikin dia nangis, gue nggak bakal maafin lo.

Ada beberapa kesan yang saya tangkap dari perkataan Ilham ini.

1. Ilham tidak memperhatikan "felicity condition" dari tuturannya. Dia melakukan tindak tutur "memerintah" Ello untuk menjaga Safa dan tidak membuat Safa menangis. Tindak tutur ini sulit terwujud karena a. Ello belum tentu menyetujuinya b. Ello belum tentu dapat menyanggupinya. Secara praktis, seorang perempuan, khususnya yang seperti Safa sangat sulit untuk tidak menangis. Bagaimana kalau nantinya Safa akan menangis tapi Ello tidak sengaja? Bagaimana kalau Safa akan tetap menangis meskipun tidak diapa2kan oleh Ello? Bagaimana kalo Safa menangis tapi bukan karena Ello, tapi suatu saat keadaan membuat seolah-olah Ello yang membuatnya menangis. Hal ini tidak dipikirkan oleh Ilham.

2. Sebenarnya saya tidak suka kalimat Ilham yang seolah-olah menempatkan Safa sebagai "properti" atau "objek." Mengapa Safa harus "diserahkan" kepada Ello? Apakah Safa seperti barang yang bisa diserahterimakan begitu saja. Bahkan Safa bukan istri dari Ilham maupun Ello. Tidak ada ijab kabul apa diserahkan pada siapa, siapa diserahkan sebagai apa. Lalu kenapa Safa tidak boleh menangis? Kenapa harus ada orang yang tidak dimaafkan kalau Safa menangis? Boleh saja kan Safa menangis. Safa, dan semua perempuan di dunia ini (begitu pula laki-laki) memiliki hak untuk menangis. Dan seolah-olah menangis adalah hal yang buruk? Mengapa demikian? Apakah perempuan harus selalu bahagia dan senang-senang saja? Apa dia tidak berhak merasakan kesedihan, kekesalan, dan bentuk emosi lainnya yang normal saja bila dimiliki oleh seorang perempuan (dan laki-laki)? Mengapa perempuan tidak diberikan "hidup" apa adanya? Dan harus dijadikan jaminan untuk menunjukkan bahwa seorang laki-laki mampu menjadi pecinta yang baik. Seolah-olah, seorang laki-laki akan menjadi laki-laki yang "berhasil" bila bisa membuat "perempuan"-nya tidak menangis? Bukankah perempuan juga adalah makhluk yang berhak berdiri sendiri atas perasaannya sendiri?

Dan yang menyedihkan adalah... Kata-kata seperti ini sangat wajar ditemukan di sinetron-sinetron Indonesia. Hhhhh. Mudah2an tidak di kenyataan ya.

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whatever. it's great.

karena bosen gak ada kerjaan tp belom bisa cabcus, saya membuat jurnal utk teacher training saja di kantor. bosen setengah mati. setelah profil Prof Ketut selesai, saya mungkin cabcus.

Teacher Training Journal
Week 1 (6 February 2010)
By: Rima Muryantina

The first day of the LBI’s Teacher Training course was quite interesting. Some of my campus friends were also taking this course, so I felt really comfortable with the environment of the class. Other than that, the trainer was Ms. Ranthy, my former speaking lecturer. It’s like coming back to the classes when I was still a student in Faculty of Humanities. I’ve always enjoyed Faculty of Humanities’ environment and people. So, being trained by the lecturer that I know and studying with friends that I’m close with are two indications of a great beginning.

Even though it’s like the same old brand new class I’ve always been in, I also met some new people in the course. Some of them are much older than me and my friends, I suppose. However, I like them because they are unique in their own way. The first one is Ronal. He got his S1 degree from Faculty of Psychology and he’s working in Coca Cola Company. He once had a project that gave him opportunities to meet other people from Japan and other Asian countries. He’s so interested in Japan, just like me. He said that Japanese people are not the kind of religious people, but they are more humanist than Indonesian people. Somehow, I believe him.

The second one is Lisa. She’s a very interesting lady because she always has 3-year evolution program in her life. So every 3 years, she will try new things/jobs. Teacher Training is part of her 3-year evolution program. The other ones are Indrayani, Rani, and Radit. I don’t really know them for now, but because of the games offered by the trainer, I could get to know a little bit of them. From the first introduction game, I know that Indrayani is an English teacher and she joined Teacher Training program because she wanted to improve her ability in teaching English. A very dedicated teacher she is, indeed. From the game “Find someone who…” I know that Rani could play guitar and Radit doesn’t like fish, and that he eats eggs everyday. I like the fluency of Rani’s English and I like the “different” kind of attitude that Radit has.

This is actually what I like from the way teachers/trainers from Faculty of Humanities teach. Either in my previous classes or in this Teacher Training class, I always feel enriched with knowledge without feeling forced to understand the knowledge. At the first meeting of Teacher Training, I was taught about Communicative Language Teaching. However, I didn’t feel like I was just given the materials directly. The trainer first asked our opinions about the elements of the classroom and even about how we metaphorized the classroom. So, the trainer asked about our impression on the topic first before telling us what Communicative Language Teaching was about. Therefore, we could understand the materials step by step, slow but sure. That made us “comprehend” what Communicative Language Teaching was about, not just simply “know” about it. Moreover, the way the trainer taught us about Communicative Language Teaching in a communicative way (by creating games, opening discussion not just a lecture), is also one of the “concrete” example of how to teach language communicatively. We weren’t just taught about Communicative Language Teaching, but we were also “unconsciously” trained to deal with Communicative Language Teaching.

So the experience of the first-day training made me feel really glad that I have chosen to take LBI Teacher Training Program and not other Teacher Training program from other institutions. As what I had expected, the training was delivered with a different kind of way. I felt a kind of “unconscious” knowledge transfer, just like what I used to feel in my classes as a student in Faculty of Humanities. When I was a student, I had always wanted to be able to teach in that kind of way. So, Teacher Training Program is one of the way to teach “diffferently.” It was already proven in the first meeting. I hope it would be more developed in the next meetings.

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Puer aeternus

Oke, saya sudah mengalami beberapa minggu dunia kerja dan meninggalkan dunia perkuliahan (well, nggak sepenuhnya sih. Karena saat bekerja pun ilmu yang saya pelajari waktu kuliah banyak terpakai dan hari ini saya ikut kuliah jg di kelas Analisis Wacana. Dan saya merasa sangat amat excited utk belajar lg lebih mendalam dan menyerap ilmu dari kepalanya Pak Jun yang sangat pintar itu sehingga jarak antara saya dan linguistik yang saya cintai akan semakin berkurang karena saya semakin memahami linguistik lewat pelajaran-pelajaran di kelas) ---> Silakan muntah, tapi itulah yang saya rasakan.

Dan bisa saya simpulkan, secara general kerinduan saya terhadap dunia kuliah lebih besar daripada ketertarikan saya terhadap dunia kerja. Tapi ini baru sekitar 2 minggu sih. Mungkin nanti akan berubah.

Kenapa saya gak terlalu excited sama yg namanya kehidupan kerja? Klise. Karena saya sudah terlanjur menikmati kehidupan kampus saya dulu yg meskipun banyak susahnya tapi sudah terlanjur sayang mau gimana lagi? Sedangkan kesusahan2 yg saya alami di dunia kerja masih belum saya terima sepenuhnya dgn lapang dada karena saya belum benar2 terbiasa dan belum benar2 mencintai dunia baru ini. Oh ya, terlebih lagi... Teman2 kampus saya sudah biasa dengan "kediaman" dan "keanehan" saya. Orang2 di dunia kerja belum terbiasa dengan itu. Jadi rasanya yah seperti memasuki kelas baru di SMA yang mengandung sedikit sekali teman2 asal kelas sebelumnya. Adaptasi memang selalu sulit. Tapi itu adalah bagian dari kehidupan, mau apa lagi?

Intinya, daripada ngomongin yg jelek2 melulu, saya akan ngomongin hal2 yang saya suka dari pekerjaan saya.

1. Dari pekerjaan sebagai Web Translator (tugas saya menerjemahkan artikel2 baru dan ngeditin artikel2 lama sm sesekali nerjemahin dokumen2 jg tp baru bikin surat izin magang versi Inggris doang sih): Saya akhirnya bisa memperbaiki grammar orang tanpa harus merasa tidak sopan dan saya DIBAYAR untuk itu. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *ketawa jahat ala polisi grammar*Maafkan saya saudara2, saya senang memperbaiki grammar orang. I can't help it. *direbus*
Selain itu, kalau menerjemahkan artikel yg bener2 baru, saya mendapat banyak kosakata baru dan mengetahui beberapa informasi dari cabang ilmu lain terutama kalau membahas tentang fakultas2 lain.
Oh ya, saya jg sering dpt gosip2 baru seputar UI dr rekan2 karyawan. Well, tp kebanyakan gosipnya udh kudengar jg dari Mama sih. Cuma diperdalam aja. *macam infotainment saja kau!

2. Dari pekerjaan sebagai Transcriber, saya melatih kemampuan menyimak saya. Dan dapat banyak pengetahuan dari pengalaman orang-orang yang ceritanya direkam dalam kaset wawancara.

3. Dari pekerjaan sebagai asdos? Well... belom ngapa2in sih. Tapi puas udh bisa duduk di bangku kuliah lagi dan nyatat2 semua materi perkuliahan. wakakaak. XD

Intinya, kelihatannya saya terkena Peter Syndrome. I don't Wanna Grow Up. Dan semacamnya. Tapi mau nggak mau kan harus. Ya jalani saja. Tapi bagaimanapun jg, dlm jiwa saya selalu hidup Rima mahasiswa yg mirip anak SMA yg gembira dgn kehidupan kuliahnya, pelajarannya, dan teman2nya yang meskipun kadang2 melelahkan tapi tetap memberi arti sendiri bagi hidupnya.

Mulai ngaco nih gue ngomongnya....

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