Bless Your Little Cotton Socks

Okay, for some reasons, I would like to learn to watch my writing. I would like to learn not to write everything I want to write. I actually want to shout everything here, as this is a private blog. At first, I thought I would make my blogspot private, so that it could only be accessed by certain people. However, I still want to inform some things I’ve learned from the world (so that I can give it back to the world). So I decided to start to switch the language of this blog into English.

Why English? Since I’m afraid that if I use Bahasa Indonesia, I will feel “too” comfortable to express my thoughts and feelings, then I will again and again talk about my personal problems in Bahasa Indonesia (I should learn to maintain my opinions. In my country, people don’t really believe in Freedom of Speech, so… even when I write private things in my private blog, there will be people who are against me sometimes...).

So... yeah! English is less private than Bahasa Indonesia. And it sounds more sophisticated somehow. *Iyaks like I’m sophisticated enough to use English too often. you crappy ugly rimski. XD

Anyway, I also think that writing this blog in English could help me to maintain my accuracy and improve my fluency. Like it or not, I have to. I want to study in the US or UK or New Zealand or Canada or Australia or or or or... (STOP IIIITTT!!!) And besides, I also want to teach English. So I have to get used to using English very much more often.

So for the first ENGLISH entry, I would like to tell you about a new idiom vocabulary given by my beloved lecturer, Mr. Bayu (okay, he’s no longer my lecturer, I’m his assistant now). And actually I already heard this idiom somewhere some time a go, but the way Mr. Bayu explained it to the class made the students understand the meaning of the idiom better (even I could understand the meaning better).

So here is the idiom:

Bless Your Little Cotton Socks

Can you guess the meaning of it?

Okay, if you’re English native speaker, don’t answer. It’s not fun anymore if this question is dedicated to the native speakers. XD

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