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karena bosen gak ada kerjaan tp belom bisa cabcus, saya membuat jurnal utk teacher training saja di kantor. bosen setengah mati. setelah profil Prof Ketut selesai, saya mungkin cabcus.

Teacher Training Journal
Week 1 (6 February 2010)
By: Rima Muryantina

The first day of the LBI’s Teacher Training course was quite interesting. Some of my campus friends were also taking this course, so I felt really comfortable with the environment of the class. Other than that, the trainer was Ms. Ranthy, my former speaking lecturer. It’s like coming back to the classes when I was still a student in Faculty of Humanities. I’ve always enjoyed Faculty of Humanities’ environment and people. So, being trained by the lecturer that I know and studying with friends that I’m close with are two indications of a great beginning.

Even though it’s like the same old brand new class I’ve always been in, I also met some new people in the course. Some of them are much older than me and my friends, I suppose. However, I like them because they are unique in their own way. The first one is Ronal. He got his S1 degree from Faculty of Psychology and he’s working in Coca Cola Company. He once had a project that gave him opportunities to meet other people from Japan and other Asian countries. He’s so interested in Japan, just like me. He said that Japanese people are not the kind of religious people, but they are more humanist than Indonesian people. Somehow, I believe him.

The second one is Lisa. She’s a very interesting lady because she always has 3-year evolution program in her life. So every 3 years, she will try new things/jobs. Teacher Training is part of her 3-year evolution program. The other ones are Indrayani, Rani, and Radit. I don’t really know them for now, but because of the games offered by the trainer, I could get to know a little bit of them. From the first introduction game, I know that Indrayani is an English teacher and she joined Teacher Training program because she wanted to improve her ability in teaching English. A very dedicated teacher she is, indeed. From the game “Find someone who…” I know that Rani could play guitar and Radit doesn’t like fish, and that he eats eggs everyday. I like the fluency of Rani’s English and I like the “different” kind of attitude that Radit has.

This is actually what I like from the way teachers/trainers from Faculty of Humanities teach. Either in my previous classes or in this Teacher Training class, I always feel enriched with knowledge without feeling forced to understand the knowledge. At the first meeting of Teacher Training, I was taught about Communicative Language Teaching. However, I didn’t feel like I was just given the materials directly. The trainer first asked our opinions about the elements of the classroom and even about how we metaphorized the classroom. So, the trainer asked about our impression on the topic first before telling us what Communicative Language Teaching was about. Therefore, we could understand the materials step by step, slow but sure. That made us “comprehend” what Communicative Language Teaching was about, not just simply “know” about it. Moreover, the way the trainer taught us about Communicative Language Teaching in a communicative way (by creating games, opening discussion not just a lecture), is also one of the “concrete” example of how to teach language communicatively. We weren’t just taught about Communicative Language Teaching, but we were also “unconsciously” trained to deal with Communicative Language Teaching.

So the experience of the first-day training made me feel really glad that I have chosen to take LBI Teacher Training Program and not other Teacher Training program from other institutions. As what I had expected, the training was delivered with a different kind of way. I felt a kind of “unconscious” knowledge transfer, just like what I used to feel in my classes as a student in Faculty of Humanities. When I was a student, I had always wanted to be able to teach in that kind of way. So, Teacher Training Program is one of the way to teach “diffferently.” It was already proven in the first meeting. I hope it would be more developed in the next meetings.

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