I'm Ready to Communicate with You

"I'm ready to communicate with you now." - Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense)

This is just an unimportant entry, actually....

Today, I supervised the Morphology class alone, by myself. Without the help from the main lecturer.

And I guess it's my first time being called Ms. Rima

Hahaha... sounds weird. But cool. XD

And by the way, today I've communicated a lot with my fellow co-workers. Finally. Day after day, I found the conversations in the office were quite boring. Finally today, we shared the same interesting topic of conversation. And guess what was the amazing topic that helped me communicate with my co-workers?

Mr. Jun.

Yeah, he's amazing. My co-workers said he's "the different type of person" in the office. I'm proud of him because of that. He IS different. He fought for what he believed in.

But I still can't communicate with my boss. I think he hates me now (after me criticizing the recruitment system in my office, I guess it's normal if the Bosses hate me). But hell yeah, as usual...like I care.

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