Every Ending is Just a New Beginning

"Every story has an end, but for me every ending is just a new beginning."
Lorraine Schleine - Uptown Girls

Happy 16th Birthday to my Dear Dakota Fanning
Wish you all the loveliness on earth.

I've been her huge fan since 2002. That was the first time I watched the video "Across The Universe" covered by Rufus Wainwright and also the first time I browsed www.dakota-fanning.org
And browsing the site made me interested to find out more about her. So I watched I Am Sam and Uptown Girls. And I think this girl is amazing. She's exceptionally beautiful, she's a talented actress, and a genius younger person. And I still love her until now.

It's amazing to see how she has grown up into a beautiful young lady.
So, here's the video of her 16th birthday dinner party. There's also Elle Fanning in the video. I also like Elle. They're both amazing.

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