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This is a very nice fan-vid dedicated to Mary Ingalls, my favourite character from the Series (and the books, but in this video there are only pictures of Mary from the TV Series) Little House on The Prairie (1974-1983). The series was played in Indonesia during the early 90's on TVRI and later on TPI.

When I was a child, I was addicted to watching the series. Now I hardly remember the storyline. LOL.

I wish I was a little older. I wish I was born earlier and enjoyed my childhood at the time the series and the books were still on the hype. Now people only enjoy terrible stuff. By the way, Melissa Sue Anderson was perfectly beautiful. She's still beautiful, of course. But this Mary-character brought up the most beautiful side of her.

Aaaah, those Mary's blue eyes. I really miss watching this series. :'(

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