You're Nice, But You Can't Help Me

Haven't they heard that they're one of the good people I've met?

That they might be able to make the strongest heart melt?
Haven't they heard that they're one of the luckiest believers on earth?
That is even more delightful than the weather during spring in Perth?

Imagine if I could breathe a life that nice,
Imagine if I could live a heart that kind,

I wish I could be given the kindness, even just a slice,
My eyes would be bright at everything I could find.

But never will I, never will I,
Like a fish could never fly,
Like vampires could never die,
I keep writing an imaginary letter and send it to the place where illusions lie

a poem by Rima Muryantina

Title taken from Cole Sear's quote in The Sixth Sense
Dedicated to all the nice people. You know who you are.

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