Kramer Vs. Kramer

Ted Kramer: Just tell me what I did. Just tell me what I did.
Joanna Kramer: No, it's not you. It's me. My fault.

I'm gonna share my favourite dialogues from the movie Kramer Vs. Kramer. This movie is simple yet really moving. :')

JOANNA: I want my son.

TED: You can't have him.

JOANNA: Don't get defensive. Don't try to bully me, okay.

TED: I'm not getting defensive. Joanna, you're the one who left the house 15 months a go.

JOANNA: I don't care.

TED: Do you think you still have a right..?

JOANNA: I am still his mother.

TED: Well, million miles away, just because you sent him postcards, doesn't mean...

JOANNA: I never stop loving him, I never stop wanting him.


SHAUNESSY: Now then, Mrs. Kramer, you say that you were married for eight years. Is that right?


SHAUNESSY: In all that time did your husband ever strike you or you physically abuse in any way.


SHAUNESSY: Did your husband strike or physically abuse his child in any way?


SHAUNESSY: Would you describe your husband as an alcoholic?


SHAUNESSY: A heavy drinker?


SHAUNESSY: Was he unfaithful?


SHAUNESSY: Did he ever fail to provide for you?


SHAUNESSY: Well, I can certainly see why you left him.

GRESSEN: Objection.

SHAUNESSY: How long do you plan to live in New York, Mrs. Kramer?

JOANNA: Permanently.

SHAUNESSY: How many boy friends have you had --permanently?

GRESSEN: Objection your honor on the grounds of vagueness.

Judge: I'll allow it.

JOANNA: I don't recall.

SHAUNESSY: Well more than three, less than thirty-three, permanently?

GRESSEN: Objection!

JUDGE: Overruled. The witness will answer, please.

JOANNA: Somewhere in between.

SHAUNESSY: Do you have a lover now?

JOANNA: Yes I'm seeing someone now.

SHAUNESSY: Is that...permanent?

JOANNA: I...I don't know...

SHAUNESSY: Then, we don't really know, do we, when you say "permanently" if you plan to live in New York, or even to keep the child for that matter, since you've never really done anything in your life that was continuing, stable, or could be regarded as permanent.

GRESSEN-- Objection! I must request that the counsel be prevented from harassing the witness.

Judge: Sustained.

SHAUNESSY: I'll put it another way counselor, what is the longest personal relationship in your life outside of your parents or girlfriends?

JOANNA: I suppose that would be...with my child.

SHAUNESSY: Whom you've seen twice in a year? Mrs. Kramer, your ex-husband, wasn't he the longest personal relationship in your life? Would you speak up Mrs. Kramer, I couldn't hear that.

JOANNA: Yes...

SHAUNESSY: How long was that?

JOANNA: We were married a year before the baby. And then seven years after that.

SHAUNESSY: So, you were a failure at the one most important relationship in your life.

GRESSEN: Objection!

JUDGE: Overruled. The witness' opinion on this is relevant.

JOANNA: I was not a failure.

SHAUNESSY: Oh? What do you call it then--a success? The marriage ended

in divorce?

JOANNA: I consider it less my failure than his.

SHAUNESSY: Congratulations, Mrs. Kramer. You have just rewritten matrimonial law. You were both divorced, Mrs. Kramer.

GRESSEN: Objection!

SHAUNESSY: Your honor, I would like to ask if this model of stability and respectability has ever succeeded at anything? Mrs. Kramer, were you a failure

at the longest, most important personal relationship in your life?

JUDGE: Please answer the question, Mrs. Kramer.

JOANNA: It did not succeed.

SHAUNESSY: Not so close, Mrs. Kramer--you. Were you a failure at the one most important personal relation-ship of your life? Were you?

TED: (Whispering) No.

JOANNA: (Looking at Ted. Whispering) Yes.

JUDGE: Is that a "yes", Mrs. Kramer?

JOANNA: Yes. (crying)

SHAUNESSY: No further questions.

TED: Do you need to be so rough on her?


JOANNA: How do I look?

TED: Terrific.


This couple is totally one of my all-time favourite couple. I'm addicted to watching Kramer Vs. Kramer. Too bad I can only watch it on Youtube. The first time I watched the movie was years a go on Metro TV. T___T

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