Back For Good

You know, in Indonesia, there is a proverb "As if licking your own spit." I guess I've just done that.

Not literally, you know. Of course, who wants to be such grossy?

Anyway, a few weeks (or days, I don't really remember) a go, I deactivated my facebook. But now I declare myself activate it again... in order to promote my cyber novel.

Don't ask me why. I've tried zillion times to look for a publisher that is willing to publish my works. Most of publishers are not interested. They don't like to publish short stories or poem collections if I'm not famous enough to get people buy my books. So, I decided to write a novel, the more commercial form of a literary work. But it didn't succeed either.

When I was in highschool I submitted my first novel. The novel was an ordinary novel about highschool life. It was rejected. But to be fair, the publisher was nice enough to give me some feedbacks and told me that I was potential enough in writing. They said that I have a really strong skill in building my characters but the theme I chose was too ordinary. They also said, "Don't give up! Don't stop writing" ---> yeah, but you rejected it anyway. Like it will have any good to build up my confidence again. -___-"

So when I was in college (it was in my second semester, I suppose), I created another novel. This one was still about highschool life, but I modified it from the point of view of a girl who's already dead (Yes, I know. It sounds like The Lovely Bones. But I swear I hadn't read the novel when I wrote this novel). I tried to publish it to another publisher. They didn't even answer my submission.

So I decided to stop my obsession on being a writer, and tried to focus on my study. But now that I have graduated, the desire of writing came back to me in sudden. But it seems like I kinda lost my trust to some publishers. I'm afraid that they will reject me again, or worse, ignore me and my writing.

And I started to think that I need a medium to put all my uncontrolled emotions these few months. So I decided to start writing a novel again. This one is about a 63-year-old linguist, not about a highschool student anymore.

So my plan is... I'm gonna publish my novel in a blog (I've created one in wordpress) and see if I can make a fanbase there. I keep on updating chapters per chapters. Readers can give comments to help me improve the novel. So readers will also be involved with the novel itself. If I could get some positive responses, I will later see whether this novel is worth-published.

As I consider Facebook as one of the most effective ways to promote things, I decided to reactivate my Facebook and promote my novel there.

But don't get me wrong. I also consider Blogspot useful. So, for all of you bloggers and readers, please do read my novel here and don't forget to leave some comments. Your ideas and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much, in advance! :)


errrrr... I forgot to tell you. The novel is written in Bahasa Indonesia. So maybe you can only read the novel if you can speak Bahasa. Hehee (or you can try to learn Bahasa I guess) :)

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