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I've told you that I have deactivated my facebook. However, some memories still need to be saved. So here are some of my favourite pictures that I used to display on my FB's photo albums.

This one was taken at "Payung" near Building II, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia. From this side, my faculty looks outstanding. Such a pity that this picture doesn't really represent reality. :P

Edited by me. Just one of the representation of my narcissism. I like it, though. I ensure myself that none of you has a problem with that. :P

I really like this one. I love the cake and the CD. I put them in this concept in order to express my love for Kate Nash. She's so sweetly different.

This is actually a "failed" picture. When I first took this picture, it looked awful. It showed my capability as an amateur photographer. However, after some little "make up" from Adobe Photoshop, I could gain respect from some deviantart members when I posted this secondhand version of my horrible art.

I took this using my cell phone. This is art. Without any retouch. Proud of it. :)

Edited by me, taken by either Nandini or Hepy (I forgot). I can say that they're one of the best I've ever had in Faculty of Humanities. They never change, even after getting jobs and facing the so called materialistic and catastrophic "real" world.

I personally love to rebeautify my ugly face with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photopaint. I thank anyone who found such facilities.

Another symbol of narcissism. But I kinda love this one. It's green, representing my favourite colour. And the book I read was some French children book called L'Amie de Petit-Ours. How I miss CCF...

This one is my absolute favourite profile picture. Representing me as a whole. Some depressive girl stuck in a modern world.

I like this because I successfully cooperate with Corel Photopaint to make my eyes look green. Good job, pal. *Shake hands with Corel*

Another failed picture. But the light mas made it more beautiful than what it really is. I'm such a forger.

I told you I miss CCF (and still love CCF until now and forever probably). The book was the handbook I got from some Paragita concert at Goethe Institute. I like Paragita. It's one of the few reasons why I still love UI.

I don't mean to trick anyone and pretend to make myself more beautiful. I suppose everyone is smart enough to realize that this one looks somewhat lovely just because of the graphic. This is one of the most original art I've ever created, even if some people want to throw up over this.

Sorry for the spam. You may skip this and go to sleep. Sorry for the possible nightmares. Don't meet me and my ugly poses in your dream. xD

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