The Forenoon

Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee nor doth He hate thee

(Ad-Dhuhaa : 3)

Okay, that was one of my most favourite verse in Al-Qur'an. Obviously, I'm a Muslim. Probably not a very good Muslim, as I always whine about my life in this blog and in other possible places in cyber world. Why is that? Because I've been silenced in my real life. For years, I've felt like living in a country, which has no recognition for "freedom of speech" or "innocent until proven otherwise" that I have always been prejudged by most people through their first impressions. If I don't whine all of this nonsense, I think I'm gonna be "literally" mentally ill in my real life.

Yeah, Muslims shouldn't whine about their lives. I have heard this criticism so many times, including from my family, friends, "non"-friends who pretend to be friends, even from my enemies.

I never want to hear them. You know, sometimes listening to good inputs could be really stressful when the commentators are those who don't know how it feels like to be you. It will sound too "arrogant." Those people will easily say "stop whining about your life" because they haven't been in your position and they don't feel the way you feel.

But then, the one who will always slap me on the face is God himself. He always gives the way for me to take a look at the brighter side of my darkness. Sometimes He gives me insights from little things I like (for example: from Germany National Team or from the so-called movie "Inception"). And sometimes He gives me answers after a very long journey. Like what I've just had today. He finally shows me what career suits me best. And I just realized, maybe those failures I got in the past were only some stepping stones to get me here, where I am now.

And of course, I will always get insights from Al-Qur'an, Hadits, and the stories of those wonderful prophets.

Just like this verse, this surrah named "Ad-Dhuha." You know, "Ad-Dhuha" means "The Morning Hours," "The forenoon", or "After Sunrise."

I guess I want to create a band called "The Morning Hours", a story called "The Forenoon" and a movie called "After Sunrise."

LOL. The last idea was just very random.

In short, today is a relief. Especially when I remember the verse above. Sometimes I'm afraid that He forsakes me. I'm afraid that He hates me. But every time I remember that verse, I always put my trust on Him.

And He never disappoints me. Never.

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