I know, Luna.

Today I read the news about Luna Maya calling infotainment "lower than bitch and murderer"

I know. I know. She was so rude. There's no way I can tell that what she did was right.

But somehow I can understand why she threw such rude words.

Why don't people just mind their own business? Even for someone they hardly know, why would they pretend like they knew everything?

I think Luna, Marshanda, and other public figures in the world, they're so tough. If I were them, I probably would loose my trust on people and would shoot everyone I met on the street because they didn't really care about helping me solving my problems but they did really care about laughing and spitting at me when i felt troublesome.

You may say that I'm a psycho-path or lebay or whatsoever you can call me. I AM that sensitive. and I have that desire to slay people, right in the bottom of my heart. I'm scared of myself. So, I wish I would never be as famous as Luna Maya so that I wouldn't do more than just throwing rude words on twitter or on this blog, perhaps.

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Karen Kawilarang mengatakan...

totally agree... I guess people would never have enough of themselves that they need to bug on others...

Melody Violine mengatakan...

"and I have that desire to slay people, right in the bottom of my heart."

sometimes I do too

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