Like a Writer Keeps On Tearing Failed Love Letters That Can't be Sent

Like a Writer Keeps On Tearing Failed Love Letters That Can't be Sent
by Rima Muryantina

I know that you don't want to talk to me anymore,
I know that you hate me even more,
I know that you think I'm a jerk, just like you,
I know that maybe you think I was only using you,

I have to admit that my heart shattered,
But for things like these, I have been alerted,
Maybe this is the best way to keep us far,
After all, we can't be something that I always hope we are,

I always hope that maybe we can share a lot of things together,
But the more I know you, the more I think that it's impossible,
And the more I understand that you will always choose her,
Or anyone that you think more acceptable.

But I just want you to know that you are exceptionally special,
Because you remind me of myself some time a go,
A very troubled confused and sentimental weirdo,
But in that way I cannot survive at all,
That's why I play exceptionally normal,
Though in my heart, deep inside, I still share someone that I used to be,
And I could see myself in you,
And that's why I deeply care about you,
Even when I myself couldn't explain what kind of "care" that I have for you.

Farewell, silly little boy,
May you always be filled with joy.

Crap, what am I writing about?
Hope you will never find out.

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Melody Violine mengatakan...

ya ampun riiiim

Rima mengatakan...

Kenapa meeel?

Melody Violine mengatakan...

rima curhaaat, hehehe

midorima mengatakan...

ya udahlah mel... wkwkwkwk XD

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